VMS Timber

A sustainable company

VMS Timber is a modern, fast-growing, development-oriented wood processing, timber and wood product manufacturing company. VMS Timber designs, develops and manufactures a variety of wood products on a daily basis. Since 2022, VMS Timber has been part of Thermory Group. Thermory is the world's largest producer of thermowood and sauna materials.

10 years' experience in woodworking and wood products

High quality standard for production materials

More than 120 employees

Products suitable for all climates and seasons

Why choose to work for VMS Timber?

VMS Timber is searching for the best, the brightest and the most knowledgeable. Come work for a green, fast-growing company and be part of the VMS Timber team! You'll enjoy a variety of bonuses, a friendly team, a good working environment and competitive salaries.

Competitive salaries

We provide competitive and stable salaries, bonuses for achieving targets and social guarantees. Salary increases in line with company policy.

Professional development

The strength of any company is its knowledgeable, learning and development-oriented employees. Regular training is essential to develop employees' knowledge and skills, which is why our company organises and supports professional development training for our employees.

Accident insurance

Our company takes care of its employees and provides accident insurance to protect its employees and their families from financial loss.

Social events

The company organises various get-togethers to improve team building among employees, help them become more united and goal-oriented, to see colleagues in non-work situations, and to relax from the accumulated fatigue and stress of everyday life.

Work safety

Work safety issues can seem overblown until the first accident, causing material and moral damage to the company, as well as negative publicity. In addition to providing personal protective equipment and work clothing, the company takes care on a daily basis to ensure that employees are protected as much as possible from potential hazards in the working environment.

Friendly team

We work together, share our experience and knowledge, and support each other to achieve results. Together we can do more than we can alone and this unity gives us the strength to overcome setbacks and achieve great results. There is strength in the team.

Exchange of experience

Depending on their position, our employees have the opportunity to go on experience exchange trips to our parent company Thermory to get to know the work of their colleagues, exchange experiences and learn new ideas!

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