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About Us

In business, as in life, it is important to do good.

VMS Timber is a modern, fast-growing, development-oriented wood processing, timber and wood product manufacturing company. VMS Timber designs, develops and manufactures a variety of wood products on a daily basis. Since 2021, VMS Timber has been part of Thermory Group.

Thermory is the world's largest producer of thermowood and sauna materials.

Our Driving Force


VMS Timber continues to care for the planet's ecology, which is why the company's main mission is to reduce the total CO2 footprint of the company every year.


The company is driven by the residue-free use of wood in the production of its products, which currently results in an efficient recycling rate of 96%.


Every year, we think about improving the working environment and introducing the latest technologies so that every employee can work comfortably, efficiently and enjoyably in our premises.



Maximum quality control of the products produced.


Personalized customer service for both businesses and private customers.


Ensuring the well-being of our employees is a priority.


We are a green-minded company that creates sustainable products.

"Anything that makes our workforce more effective today makes us more competitive tomorrow."


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